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We Help Transform Underperforming Ad Campaigns into Revenue-Generating Machines with Advanced Analytics and Cutting-Edge Optimisation Strategies.

Marketing partners:
Data-driven advertising experts

Access a team of paid media specialists, all under one roof.

By harnessing the synergy of expert minds, cutting-edge paid media technology, and data analytics, we translate your product or service into a narrative that elevates your company's value. Here's how we do it:

Our focus

Outcome-driven initiatives

We harness in-depth analytics to drive your business towards measurable outcomes, from market expansion to sales growth. By aligning data-driven insights with your objectives, we ensure every decision is targeted for maximum impact.

Our approach

Experienced but not proud

We’ve been around the block, but we don’t rest on our laurels. We remain curious: continuously evolving and expanding our knowledge daily, consistently using data as a guiding force.

Our growth

Pobody's nerfect

Hundreds of successful campaigns and a couple of not-so-successful ones too. We don’t shy away from challenges and focus on growth every day.


We are proud of our name

Zink is recognised as a worldwide leader in videography by our clients and customers but also by our models, media partners and more. See highlights of our recent awards below.


Data-driven results


Testimonials that speak to our expertise

"I was never a big fan of external advertising agencies until we found Acquisition Studio!"

Ed St John, Australian Institute Of Music

"Thorough reporting and communication. Quietly confident, always deliver and keep promises. Mad scientists really is the best way to describe them."

Julian Fayad,

"Acquisition Studio provides transparent expertise and measurable ROI. They offer valuable guidance and clear visibility into ad spend."

Susie Parry, Arbor Pride