Since 2005, Arbor Pride has been one of the biggest and best Arboricultural services operating in Sydney’s northern suburbs.

Traditionally, the company relied on door-to-door sales, word-of-mouth, and repeat business to fill their pipeline. But with decreasing efficiency and increased labour costs from their existing sales strategy, they needed to review how they filled their pipeline.

In June 2020, the business decided to try paid advertising and explore opportunities to generate leads using paid search.


  • Elevate online brand presence
  • Reduce reliance on door-to-door sales team
  • Acquire leads for $40 or less


Given the service offering, paid search proved to be the most suited platform. The search volume and cost-per-click data indicated that it was feasible to run search campaigns for a variety of services Arbor Pride offered and search terms indicated high-intent.

Whilst their site was an effective tool for information, it wasn’t optimised for conversion. As a result, we created a landing page to improve their conversion rate.

We also determined that many leads would visit their page and call. So we setup Call Tracking to accurately track conversions.

Paid Search Strategy:

We identified a number of highly-relevant keywords for the industry that had the necessary search volume and feasible cost-per-clicks, and focused on these opportunities.

Alongside these industry-relevant terms, we ensured campaigns contained branded terms, to mitigate the risk of losing traffic to competitors.

Although the campaigns took two months to gain momentum, they have since been operating exceptionally and delivering leads for less than half of the cost initially set.

Since the initial implementation of campaigns, we’ve applied more advanced bid strategies to target better ROI outcomes and deliver ads to higher-intent users.

Since starting with Acquisition Studio, Arbor Pride has ceased their door-to-door sales operations, and have added an additional servicing team to handle the increased workload.

Results (2022)

  • Leads generated: 1,274
  • Average Cost-Per-Lead: $16.83
  • Average CTR (search): 4.61%


Arbor Pride are a perfect example of how effective paid search can be for a small business looking to generate leads. Google’s offering of different campaign types, targeting, and bidding gives advertisers the ability to better control outcomes and ensure that campaigns are getting the results needed for growth.

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